Mighty Arrow update 1.5.0 inbound!

Just started working on an update to Mighty Arrow! What the new update will include:

  • New logo (featured image)
  • New background lighting and recoloring
  • Frenzy Mode – A new game mode where you can shoot as many arrows as you can within a minute and see how many targets you can hit. For the record there will be LOTS of things to hit on the screen. I needed a way for people who have unlocked everything to use their extra coins. Thanks to Cullen for this idea!

Just checked my Unity analytics, and so far I’ve made enough for a lunch! To be honest my expectations were much lower than this, so thank you everybody for this awesome little victory as its the first time I’ve monetized any of my side projects. This is also where my inspiration for the next update began.

Marketing the game has been another project on its own. I’m not too sure how much time I want to be dedicating to marketing as it gets very time-consuming. This all depends on the resulting downloads and growth as I do them. Fingers crossed, and be on the looking for an update in a few weeks!

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