New job and updates!

Starting out next Tuesday I will be starting as a software engineer at Shearwater! The past 3-4 months has quite the adventure. I’ve left my post as CTO of Wizdy, went on a month-long vacation in Asia (4 days Singapore, 7 days Japan, 14 days Taiwan), retired as a TAP-Boston board member, searched and found a new job, and worked on several small projects here and there.

Honestly, I will miss working with my coworkers at Wizdy. I thought it was time for me to try something new having worked at Wizdy for the last 4 years. I will also be getting back to more web development after being in the game industry for so long. The interviewing experience and dealing with salary expectations have definitely been interesting – let me know if you would like me to write about it. During this period I really had to think about what my career goals were and choose the place that best aligned with them. Overall I’ve spent about 1.5 months from beginning of studying to looking to finding a job, which was much shorter than I had expected the process to go.

There’s a bunch of side projects that I am currently working on: a personal favor ticketing interface for my girlfriend’s birthday, 3D printing custom accessories brand, but really thinking about going into some music production for a while. A tool that I’ve been eyeing is the OP-1 (btw it’s $900 what!!). Here’s a cool demonstration. Music production is something I FEEL like I should grasp quickly but I’ll probably eat my own words soon enough. I’ve played violin for years as a child and taken music theory in college but my fundamentals are still shaky. I’m usually pretty critical of other people’s music, so this is a good chance to live up to my own expectations. Oh, did I mention it is $900? I still want it though. 🙂

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