Mighty Arrow 3.0 Inbound

A friend told me yesterday that the Mighty Arrow logo sucked, so I went home and redid it. My god, looking at it side by side feels like night and day…

I figured I had some time this winter break so I told myself I’d give the game another update. Here are some things that are going to change:

  • Frenzy Mode will be removed from the game
    • Took a look at analytics and the play time is just not there compared to the main game, plus I feel like this extra mode is detracting from the game’s focus/mechanic. Rather than piling on more modes, I feel improving the core experience with new targets and better feedback would be much more engaging.
  • Achievements will be added
    • This is something I am testing to see if people like. I’m a completionist myself so this is all to help with the retention of the game. I thought it would be cool to whip out your completed achievement board to somebody to see how pro you’ve become (or how much time you’ve wasted in life).
  • Daily Reward will be added
    • I will reward you for coming back to play everyday either with coins or exclusive bows to be unlocked. Who doesn’t love free stuff?
  • New set of art assets
    • There are color value issues all over the game that I would like to sort out, the background colors fight with some of the UI for attention and that’s hard on the eyes. Also the ammo target is not obvious what it does.
  • Huge performance upgrade
    • I recently found out my own tweening library had an issue with Unity 5 where sprites off-screen still resulted in a draw call. Guess I had put too much faith on the engine… at points in the game it was doing 80+ draw calls (RIP iPad mini). Oh well, its fixed now (hovering at 20)!

Planning to have this all done by the new years before 2017. Chances are that isn’t going to happen but I’m definitely going to try. Keep your eyes peeled, this will be a big one!

Got any requests? Let me know in the comments below.

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